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Vincent Colavita has always had a passion for music from a very young age. From messing around in SNES Mario Paint as a kid, to using Logic Pro X to produce professionally, Vincent Colavita has always been making music. In 2019, he began making music professionally for the game "Red Ronin" by Wired Dreams Studio. Since then, he has made soundtracks for plenty of other projects of various genres.



Vincent Colavita began using Logic Pro X in 2017. However, far before that, he had been learning music theory on his own through experimentation in MuseScore. He is largely self taught, and is always trying to learn new things. He constantly challenges himself by experimenting with plenty of different genres from different cultures, and always strives to create a sound that matches the game perfectly.

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Red Ronin - Wired Dreams Studio

A bass-y, pumping soundtrack filled with synths to keep the action going. It uses a dynamic soundtrack, with both intense and relaxed versions of most songs to fit the action. This was Vincent Colavita's first professional soundtrack.

Upaon: A Snake's Journey - Wired Dreams Studio

A cute soundtrack for a cute puzzle game! Using a simple "wow"ing synth for all of the songs, the soundtrack has a unique identity!

Luck be a Landlord - TrampolineTales

A bunch of electronic songs, all with a bit of weirdness thrown into the mix! Whether it be squeaky-toy like sound effects, frog sounds, glitching, bit-crushed synths, or anything else, each song has its own brand of weirdness. But throw them all together in a soundtrack, and they fit together perfectly!

Raven's Hike - Wired Dreams Studio

A soundtrack that relies heavily on percussion and African instruments, with a bit of synth thrown in! This is also a dynamic soundtrack, putting synth into each song when in motion, while never overpowering the African roots.

Undergrave - Wired Dreams Studio

A very dark sounding soundtrack, with plenty of layers of dynamics. Almost every instrument can drop in and out or change in some way,  perfectly forming an atmosphere to match the action.

Unnamed Project (In Progress) - Village of Origins

Being an RPG, the soundtrack for this game is quite diverse. From dark and mysterious forests, to magical mountains in the clouds, every song matches the environment perfectly.

Frogue (In Progress) - Wired Dreams

A fun, yet action packed synth soundtrack, with a bunch of frog noises packed in!

Star Rift Saga (In Progress)

A sci-fi soundtrack, with heavy emphasis on Indian instruments and African drums, to create a cinematic and generally untapped soundscape.

Other Projects

From small brick breaker games, to other personal projects, Vincent Colavita has made plenty of soundtracks for plenty of unpublished games.

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